Working against very specific, defined problems, we will achieve our vision by sourcing new thinking and technology application from an array of inventors and innovators worldwide, using proven tools of open innovation; prototyping and developing ideas into innovations, incubating innovations into enterprises; and accelerating those enterprises to achieve scale. 


We will reach out worldwide to a diverse “crowd” of innovators and inventors, using an array of techniques to source innovations, including design challenges, competitions, crowd-sourcing, university partnerships, directed research, makers faires, and hacks. Through these approaches, we will access a global community of creative solvers who can help invent new approaches against the core constraints of ocean conservation problems, bringing new entrants, technologies, and innovations into oceans conservation, and creating a new pipeline of solutions that will help to transform the field and change the view of what is possible for the enormous challenges we face.


Good ideas are abundant, but moving them to reality requires much more.  To help move the most promising ideas into real products and enterprises, Oceans X Labs will create a platform that connects and leverages a network of partners and resources that can provide world-class technical and operational expertise to incubate and develop entrepreneurs and solutions.  It will support a community of practice around the elements needed to take an idea to prototype and to product.  This includes support for product design, development, manufacturing and testing, coupled with both physical and virtual incubation, through our tailored mentorship and training programs, and through partnerships with other incubators and accelerators. We will also build additional tools – such as the world’s first crowdfunding site for conservation & and open hardware platform – to support innovators move from idea to innovation.


Global impact requires scale.  We will devote significant attention and effort to scale the most impactful innovations and enterprises with support from the community of global innovators for conservation that we will be building, as well as from conservation NGOs, bilateral and multilateral donors, philanthropy, and—most importantly—through each innovation/enterprises’ own profitability and attractiveness to the private sector.