Who is behind Oceans X Labs?

Oceans X Labs is a joint initiative of World Wildlife Fund (WWF), one of the world’s leading conservation organizations, and Conservation X Labs, a conservation innovation startup. A strong team of conservation technologists, explorers, field conservationists, and market-based conservation experts from both WWF and Conservation X Labs supports the initiative.

About Conservation X Labs: Conservation X Labs is a mission-oriented organization harnessing the power of exponential technology, open innovation, and entrepreneurship to improve the sustainability and scale of conservation efforts to end human-caused species extinctions. CXL was founded in 2015 by the former Chief Scientist of USAID, Dr. Alex Dehgan, and the head of Ecosystem Prizes at X Prize, Paul Bunje, to create, harness and scale open source approaches and exponential technologies for conservation and convene a new Tribe of conservation innovators, technologists, and visionaries.

World Wildlife Fund: WWF has embraced innovation as a critical tool for conservation. Operating in 100 countries with 6000+ staff, including more than 450 working solely on oceans conservation, the World Wildlife Fund is committed to driving conservation solutions at a scale commensurate to that of planetary change. WWF brings an ability to sharply define oceans conservation challenges, evaluate potential solutions with an ecological eye, and prototype innovation in a variety of settings through an international web of private and public sector partnerships

Together, these organizations possess the translational ability to apply technologies to conservation challenges, understand demand in the field, and test and implement solutions around the world and with the support of a global network of conservationists, technologists, entrepreneurs, and investors.

What is Oceans X Labs?